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Embracing Behaviours

Are your educators struggling to understand why certain behaviours are occurring?

Preschool Director

We had a very positive experience as we had identified together what the issues were, and the
training was directly tailored to our context and current concerns and situation. The consultation
was practical and very helpful and addressed the actual issues that were occurring. We were able to implement some strategies immediately.

Embracing Behaviours Program

Unlocking educators’ abilities to enable them to implement inclusive practices

Our consultants are highly trained and experienced in working with your educators to build their skills, knowledge and confidence to create an inclusive environment where all children are viewed as being capable and involved learners.

The Embracing Behaviours program is focused on mentoring and upskilling educators to identify and pre-empt triggers for challenging behaviours. Throughout this program educators are encouraged to critically reflect and analyse their own environments within the service and to discover how a low sensory environment can impact behaviours.

The Embracing Behaviours program consists of a consultant attending team meetings to identify and discuss issues relevant to their individual service and on the floor mentoring to facilitate positive change in action.

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The Embracing Behaviour program is all about unlocking educators abilities to enable them to implement inclusive practices.

To find out more about the Embracing Behaviours program please send an email to:

All programs provided through Small Hands Early Learning are adapted and tailored to suit the needs of each individual service.

You can read about our full Terms + Conditions here.

Highlights of the program:

  • Educators build the knowledge, skills and confidence to embrace challenging behaviours in a positive and effective way

  • Educators develop an understanding on how to critically reflect on external influences that impact children’s behaviours

  • Educators are guided on how to develop an inclusive program for all children to be active and involved learners with links to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), The National Quality Standards (NQF) as well as document positive change in both the services Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • Educators develop an understanding of the impacts of a low sensory environment and supported to make positive change

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