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by Emily Elizabeth


A book especially written for early childhood educators, families, and caregivers to use when exploring Anzac Day concepts with young children. Discovering what children will see, hear and do on Anzac Day provides an opportunity to develop a base knowledge of why we remember and

commemorate Anzac Day on the 25th of April.

I will see people marching, flags waving, uniforms, medals, and flowers.
I will hear a bugle, bagpipes and bands playing. There will also be times when I hear nothing.

Silence is for one minute so we can remember all the people and things we saw on Anzac Day.
I will hear people say the words, “Lest We Forget”.

Small Hands Early Learning provides tailored programs for educators to develop their skills,
knowledge and confidence in exploring Anzac Day and military concepts with children in a
practical, inclusive way.

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Military Exploration Table

Interested in our exploration tables? Various items and set ups are available for purchase. Educators are encouraged to build on their resources each year by adding and or changing items. Please contact us to discuss options.

Early Childhood Defence Programs Australia

Early Childhood Defence Programs has been developed by Dr Marg Rogers in collaboration with the University of New England and many specialists and volunteers. Emily, from Small Hands Early Learning is on the steering committee for this project.

Children from military families generally experience frequent and long separation from one or both of their parents due to training and deployment. They also move to different houses, towns and cities often. This can cause family stress and this, in turn, impacts children’s development, especially during the vital early years.

The aim of the resources is to give adults the knowledge, tools and support to provide the best support they can to children from military families. We want children from defence families to not only survive military family life but strive.


  1. Parents, family support workers and social workers to support young children within a defence (military) family, and

  2. Educators to support young children from defence families and assist their peers to develop understanding and empathy.

The resources will be piloted and evaluated in control trials during 2021-2022. Then they will be adapted from the feedback and released to the public in 2023.

All resources are free, research-based and online.

                       Learn more about Early Childhood Defence Programs Australia here.

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