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Exploring ANZAC Day in Early Childhood Education: A Guide to Age-Appropriate Resources and Support Materials

Updated: Apr 4

Anzac Day on April 25 is a national day of remembrance and commemoration.

Dawn services, wreath laying, and marches are held in towns and cities throughout Australia.

Below are our top picks for resources and information to assist educators to not only explore Anzac Day with young children but to develop their own knowledge and confidence in supporting our Defence families.

‘What Will I See On Anzac Day?’

Anzac Day can be a difficult topic to broach for educators and carers of young children. Exploring the theme of ‘What Will I See On Anzac Day’ will provide an opportunity for young children to develop a respectful base knowledge of Australia’s military history which will continue to grow with them.

A book especially written for early childhood educators, families, and care givers to use when exploring Anzac Day concepts with young children. Discovering what children will see, hear and do on Anzac Day provides an opportunity to develop a base knowledge of why we remember and commemorate Anzac Day on the 25th of April. It is also a great resource for Remembrance Day and for general discussion around military concepts with young children.


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Someone I love is in Defence Series

From captivating storybooks to engaging colouring and activity books, each instalment in the series offers a different way for children to connect with and navigate their emotions surrounding deployments, relocations, and the pride of having loved ones serving in the military.

(Check out the amazing craft ideas on the website and socials!)

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Defence Kidz

Defence Kidz empowers Defence and Veteran children through education, advocacy and creating Australian Defence Force specific resources that aims to foster a deeper connection within their families, schools and community.

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Knowledge building and additional resources:

Free, award-winning, research-based early childhood & school-aged resources and personalised programs for children from Defence (Military), Veteran, First Responder & Remote Worker (FIFO & DIDO) families.

This is your one stop shop for knowledge building on how we can better support our Defence and First Responder families in the community!

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We would love to see how these resources and information have helped in exploring Anzac Day with young children. Please tag on socials @smallhandsearlylearning or email photos and text to

Lest We Forget.

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